Other Formats

Our wines for outdoor events, stadiums and festivals are unrivalled. With a flexible approach we can offer wines in multiple formats including extended life PET which are 100% recyclable in both 75cl and 187ml bottles.

They are the perfect balance for a green solution (they are made from 30% recycled PET and produced at the only Carbon Neutral bottlers in the UK), whilst keeping the wine at its ultimate quality in an unbreakable bottle.

We bring our wines over in bulk and are the only company offering UK packed wines in this format to minimise our carbon footprint. Wine in 187ml cans are being added to the portfolio in 2023.

We understand events both big and small, so offer a quick 3-day lead time from orders, plus sale or return once the event season is over.

Our current range in this format are our fantastic Flowerhead Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rose. Please recycle after use.

Flowerhead Sauvignon Blanc